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12 Car Navigational Rallies

All event regulations and entry forms are under the date of the event, on the Club Calendar.

12 Car Navigation Championship Regulations

2016 / 2017 Final Championship Scores

Navigational Challenge 2016 / 2017 Championship event dates:

Round 1
Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Wednesday  2nd November 2016

Wednesday  30th November 2016
Wednesday  11th January 2017

Wednesday  1st February 2017

Wednesday  8th March 2017

Wednesday  22nd March 2017







12 Car Rallies Promoted by Woolbridge Motor Club Ltd -
Woolbridge Navigational Challenge 2015 / 2016 - General Regulations

1.     OS Maps 1:50,000 Landranger Series will be used, and the event organiser will inform competitors which version the route has been planned on. Generally         the current version will be used. Only maps 183,193,194 and 195 are to be used, and any variation from this requires the approval of the 12 Car Championship         Co-ordinator.


2.     Details of each event will be notified in the Club Magazine and entries will be accepted by telephone by each organiser in order of receipt. Competitors          must sign on at the start venue within fifteen minutes of the start time of car zero, which will normally be 7 p.m. unless specified otherwise.


3.     The entry fee for each event will normally be £ 30 to include Lockton insurance. Those with their own rally insurance will pay £10 Competitors must be able         to comply with the 5 points set out in the attached document from Lockton if that insurance is required. If you are unable to comply a declaration form needs         to be completed before the event for cover to be considered.


4.     The events are open to all fully elected members of Woolbridge Motor Club Ltd and invited clubs, membership cards may be inspected at signing on.

5.     Crews may comprise more than two members and points will be awarded to the driver and nominated navigator.

        Crew members must be members of Woolbridge or invited clubs to score points.

        All competitors must sign on at the start of the event Only Woolbridge Motor Club

        Members will be eligible for championship awards.

6.     Events should be approximately 50 miles in length - 2½ hours duration and finish at a public house venue notified by the organiser.

7.    Route instructions using varied navigation techniques will be issued at the start and organisers may issue more difficult instructions to Expert class navigators. Novice instructions will include regular simple cut-in points to ensure that the basic route can be followed. Beginners will, for their first six events, receive instructions which do not require any previous experience of navigation and their route card should give some indication of time control locations. Beginners have little or no experience of this type of event and both Driver and Navigator must be Beginners to enter this class.
Beginners may remain in that class until they have competed in 6 events or their performance improves.

8      A standard Timecard will be used throughout the Championship to ensure consistency of timing/results etc.

9.     CRO means Coloured Roads Only, unless a section specifies All Roads when all through whites are included in the instructions and smooth whites may be          included in the route.


10.   No road or junction will be used more than once during an event. Take the shortest route consistent with the instructions. All timing will normally be to the         preceding whole minute BBC time, but some organisers might include timing to the second.


11.   Secret Time Controls may be established to check compliance with the specified average speed which will not exceed 30 mph. Timing at a control will be         when the car stops next to the marshal, not when passing the control board. Timing on sight if a crew stops within sight of a control.

12.   Maximum lateness at all controls will be 30 minutes.  

13.   Passage Controls may be manned but more often will be code boards (white 12 inches square with black letters/numbers).

14.   Competitors must stop at all standing Give Way and Stop signs.

15    Quiet Zones must be driven at max. 20 mph without spotlights.

16    The meeting will be governed by the general regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of         the FISA), these general supplementary regulations and any written instructions that may be issued for the event by Woolbridge Motor Club Ltd.

17.   A Permit from the MSA Ltd will be obtained for each event.

18.   Penalties:        1 mark/minute   - early or late at Time Control

      5 marks            - missing Passage Control

     10 marks           - wrong direction approach/depart

     20 marks           - opening a panic envelope

     1 Fail                - missing a Time Control

     1 Fail                - Exceeding max lateness

     1 Fail                - Give Way infringement

     1 Fail                - Quiet Zone infringement

     Exclusion          - Entering a blackspot

Note: Where an organiser notifies that timing will be to the nearest second the first four penalties above will be multiplied by 60.

 19.   The following Declarations must be signed at signing on:


I have read the supplementary regulations issued for this event and agree to be bound by them and by the general regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd.

I declare that the use of the vehicle hereby entered will be covered by insurance as required by the law, which is valid for such part of this event as shall take place on roads as defined by the law.

20.   All entrants will be classed as NOVICES or BEGINNERS except for the following seeded competitors, based on their previous performance, such        as individual round winners and previous champions. ‘New’ navigators will classified at organisers discretion.

       Novice navigators on progressing up to Expert class (E1) will for their first 6 events receive their route instructions 10 minutes before due start time.                                            

Clive Edwards  

Bob Blackstock  

Rob Dance  

Ian Morton   

Tony Pope             

Keith Grant                

Cliff England

Guy Livingston             

Stephen Hall                               

John York   


Robin Maclachlan   

Steve Guppy

Mervyn Brake          

Bob Blackstock

Graham Dance    

Rob Rhodes

James Purkiss    

Neil Cowell (E1)         

Cliff England

Dave Hiscock

Jamie Livingston

21    The Championship will be comprised of 6 rounds at approximately 1 month intervals.


22.   Championship points will be scored on each event with the best performance in each class of the championship gaining a score equal to the number of starters in that class plus one point, second in class will score one point less, third two points less, etc.


23    Any competitor signing on and starting an event, but failing to finish that event, will score     one point each, for both Driver and Navigator.

24.   Mixed Expert/Novice crews will score points with respect to the crewmember's own individual class entries and position. An expert driver may compete as a         novice navigator and vice-versa and novices will remain in that class throughout the series.


25.   Organising Teams will receive 4 points on their events and competitors who marshal will receive 3 points

26.   The overall Challenge Champion Driver and Navigator will be the competitor, with the highest scores from all the events, after discarding their lowest individual score, i.e. the highest scores from 5 out of 6 events will count towards the Championship.  Competitors competing on only 5 events, or less, will keep their scores for all events contested.

        Ties will be resolved by the highest places.

Awards will be presented to the best Woolbridge driver and navigator in each class at the Club Championship prize giving


27    The use of any electronic navigation aids e.g. Satellite Navigation Receiver,PDA, mart phone, Laptop Computer or Electronic Speed Table is against the spirit of the Events. Any competitor found using any such devices will be excluded from the series and points removed. Mechanical trip meters –Halda, Retrotrip etc. are permitted, as are    distance only electronic trip meter, but not instruments displaying speed or average speed.

Keith Grant   14.10.2015.

Guidance Notes for Organisers


1. Each event should normally be no more than 2 hours duration or 50 miles length commencing at 7.00 p.m. normally on Wednesday evenings and     finishing in a hostelry where food will be available. Code Boards and stakes will not identify Woolbridge MC.

2. Events should be designed for Novice navigators and include additional straightforward information to enable the basic route to be followed. Novices     and Beginners should receive the full route at the start ten minutes before their start time (except when accompanied by an expert navigator).     Beginners will have straightforward instructions requiring no previous navigational experience. Please bear in mind that we need to keep the few     Novices/Beginners that we have by not having instructions which are over complicated and likely to cause them to miss large parts of the route

3. Time Controls should be sited on sections that are easily plotted, so that crews almost fall over them. Separate Intermediate timing points should be      included in the route (for Beginners/Novices)  showing the time due for nominal car 1,near midpoint and close to end These will be unmanned but     will enable competitors to check if they are within maximum lateness.

3a. If the final control is inside the finish venue this must be stated on all route cards,

The Beginners route card must also give the ideal time of car 1 at this control.

4.  The first navigational section of each event should not have complex instructions which require the crew to sit at the start to plot the early route. The      aim should be to get crews underway within a minute or two. Complexity can be introduced thereafter with crews able to plot on the move if they      can.

5. ALL route cards should have a cut-in reference point after each navigation style so that crews can miss out an entire section if necessary without     losing the basic route.


6. Types of navigation will include:

Map references Simple tulips Gridlines Spot heights

Easy herringbone Map symbols Tracings

7. The Expert card may use the same instructions with some features made just a little more difficult, i.e. reverse the herringbone, leave off the ball or     arrow of some of the tulips, string together the references or spot heights and gridlines.

 8. Crews run with the route card appropriate to the Navigator.

Keith Grant   14.10.2015.

Want to find out more about Navigational Events?

If you need anymore information about Navigational Events then please contact:

Keith Grant email 12cars@woolbridge.co.uk


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