BDCC Bulletin – Feb 2022

BDCC Bulletin – Feb 2022

BDCC Bulletin – Feb 2022 789 581 Woolbridge Motor Club


January is the only month of the year without a competitive event on the BDCC calendar so the RECENT EVENTS section is going to be a little blank to say the least.

There is a slight revision to the 2022 Calendar.  The Blandford Slalom scheduled for 17th April has been brought forward by a week to 10th April.
As the 17th is Easter Sunday it was considered that the revving of engines and tyre squeal was best avoided on the anniversary of Jesus’s resurrection. As the 10th only clashes with Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week and the day that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding on a donkey, we apparently don’t need to be overly concerned about the noise.
Seriously though, Easter Sunday is an important date in the Christian calendar – even the shops are closed.

Webmeister Simon and Facebook guru Hollie will keep us all updated with all the latest BDCC news.


Steve Candy is running the Valentine Slalom at Blandford on 6th February. Closing date for entries is Tuesday this week so don’t delay.

Thanks to the efforts of Barney Paull-Edwards and Graham Lacey, the Barney Treasure Hunt will be held on 20th February.
This is free event, there’s NO ENTRY FEE !!!!.
It all starts at 10am at The Old Beams on the A338 at Ibsley. This is a family fun/social event using any type of road car – no competition prep required – and is open to all, not just Club members.
It involves following a planned route along country roads with simple straight forward navigation with around 30 logical clues and questions to answer. These answers will be found by observation as the route is followed.
There is no timing or time limit but the route should take a couple of hours and finish back at The Old Beams in time for a drink or even Sunday lunch for those that have worked up an appetite, the pub has kindly offered to reserve an area.
The number of entries is limited so register your place by sending Barney an email on

At the time of writing it does look good that the Bovington Stages on 5/6th March will be allowed to run.

Andy Street is once again running the Clay Pigeon Sprint in March and Aaron Booth will take charge of the April Slalom.

All these people are volunteers and are giving their time and effort for the good of the Club. Thanks go to everyone.


6th February.  Valentine Slalom at Blandford. Steve Candy doing the work for this one!
20th February.  The Barney Treasure Hunt. Barney Paul-Edwards and Graham Lacey stepping up manfully.
5/6th March.  Bovington Stage Rally. Mike Stewart and a whole host of others getting stuck into this.
20th March.  Clay Pigeon Sprint at Clay Pigeon. Andy Street doing what he does very well.
10th April.  Slalom at Blandford. Aaron Booth returning back to his roots to once again run a Slalom.
15th May.  Maybug Slalom at Bovington. Looking for an organiser here – getting involved is rewarding!
12th June.  Summer Sizzler grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
10th July.  Summer Breeze grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
7th August.  Slippery When Wet grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
18th September.  Harvest Slalom at Bovington.
16th October.  Mutley Meyham Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
6th November.  Opener Slalom at Blandford.
13th November.  Challenger Stages at Bovington.
4th December.  Christmas Cracker at Blandford.


The Sustainability piece mentioned last month still needs work to make it remotely interesting. The bottom line is that you can save the planet by planting trees to offset your carbon footprint and become carbon net zero. There are companies out there who, for a fee, will plant these trees on your behalf. You can then be happy in the knowledge that you are doing your bit, saving the planet, hugging the trees and kissing the flowers as you disappear in a cloud of tyre smoke and exhaust gasses of your own making.
Again, it is a serious subject that will effect us all and we must show due diligence and be ready for how Motorsport will be run in the future.

Finally, a reminder that it is Membership renewal time. The 2022 Membership cards are green and white and to get one of your very own Mike Stewart would be delighted to receive a miserly £15 (or £5 depending if you can claim to be a Student or not). The membership form is on the website complete with a link to PayPal. Bacs and good old fashioned cash and cheques – whatever floats your boat – are also accepted. Showing support to, and being part of one of the largest and active Motorsport Clubs in the South is very much appreciated.


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