BDCC Bulletin March 2022

BDCC Bulletin March 2022

BDCC Bulletin March 2022 789 581 Woolbridge Motor Club

After a quiet competitive January the month of February was an expolsion of activity.


As everyone probably realises by now one of the big events of the BDCC year, The Bovington Stages, is happening this Sunday. The Landmarc/Bovington/MOD licence came through quite late and triggered some rapid organisation. There has been a lot of publicity that this will be a one day event.
The entry list has filled fast and the call for Marshals has gone out. Chief Marshal Aaron Booth is eager to hear from you. Please contact him on   

Another of the Clubs big events, The Clay Pigeon Sprint, went live at 8pm on 9th February when the entry opened. All 65 places were taken within the first hour and after 90 minutes there were 20 reserves.

As usual Webmeister Simon and Facebook guru Hollie will keep us all updated with all the latest BDCC news.


Sylvia and Steve Candy ran the Valentine Slalom at Blandford on 6th February.
FTD went to Geoff Bennett, Class A was won by Mitch Stanfield, Class B Chris Mathers, Class C Michael Stewart, Class D Matt Bennett, 1st Lady was Chloe Hughes, 1st Novice Gary Wilks and 1st Under 25 went to Stephen Locke.

20th February saw the return of a road event thanks to the efforts of Barney Paull-Edwards and Graham Lacey.
As Barney said “Graham used to write rally reports for Muttering Gnus” so here is his report !

A big thank you to the intrepid crews who came out to have a go at the top bit of the Forest Treasure Hunt just a couple of days after Storm Eunice had wreaked havoc across the area.
Despite the best efforts to check that no trees had blocked the route two more came down Saturday night and caused some very imaginative rerouting by several crews. The prize for the furthest off route going to the Boyall family who quite reasonably returned to the Old Beams prematurely for lunch.

The Old Beams were fabulous hosts for us and opened early and then helped several crews sort out some food without booking – great service!

There were some spectacular results – including a 100% correct card from The Baileys who admitted knowing several of the clues before they passed them! However there were also some great results from other crews with a total of 56 points being the maximum. The results were as follows:

The Baileys  56
Two Birds in the Blue Bird  54
The Cool Cucumbers 52 (higher tie break)
Graham Hoare & Co   52 (lower tie break)
No Tax  47 (higher tie break)
Team Moose  47 ( lower tie break)
The Nurds  46
Graham & Cliff  44
Thomas & Glen  39.5
MR2some  37 (very early return to the pub though!)
The Petts  28.5
The Boyalls  28 (furthest diversion off route award!)

There were also a couple of crews who didn’t finish but as one of them broke down next to a pub and the other intends to complete the route on another day they were excluded for illegal servicing and failing to comply with the reasonable rerquirements of an event to end on the day it started.

Hopefully everyone had fun maybe we can run another in slightly kinder weather!

Graham Lacey.



6th March.  Bovington Stage Rally.
20th March.  Clay Pigeon Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
10th April.  Slalom at Blandford.
15th May.  Maybug Slalom at Bovington.
12th June.  Summer Sizzler grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
10th July.  Summer Breeze grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
7th August.  Slippery When Wet grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
18th September.  Harvest Slalom at Bovington.
16th October.  Mutley Meyham Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
6th November.  Opener Slalom at Blandford.
13th November.  Challenger Stages at Bovington.
4th December.  Christmas Cracker at Blandford.


A gentle reminder that to compete in one of the Clubs events (except the Treasure Hunt) you do need to be a  fully paid up Member. As permits and insurance requirements dictate that this is mandatory please ensure that you renew your Membership before submitting an entry. Turning up at an event only to learn that you cannot run would be awkward for everyone !

Mike Stewart is particularly busy with the Rally at the moment but don’t let that put you off sending your renewal.

Simon and Hollie are getting all Spielberg and putting together a promotional video for the Website. If you have any footage, in car or filmed from the side lines, please get in touch in the usual way.


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