Beaware Motorsport SPAM Emails!!!!!!!!

Beaware Motorsport SPAM Emails!!!!!!!!

Beaware Motorsport SPAM Emails!!!!!!!! 150 150 Woolbridge Motor Club

Please beaware that they are and have been for some considerable time a number of motorpsort related SPAM emails.

They are usually titled as coming from someone in motorsport by name included in the title or text body. The email address is not from or related to any motorsport club official, licence holder, marshals, officials etc.

We have noticed several of these type of emails recently and wanted to warn you. They have not come from this or any other motorsport club / organisation or licensed officials / members or marshals.

If you receive an email of this type, then, we suggest you do the following:

– Do Not Open the Email;
– Mark the email as Spam

(this helps email software learning to detect and stop these emails);
– Then delete the email.

Additionally, please make sure you computer secuity and protection software is fully up to date on computers and all mobile devices including mobile phones.

This applies to all types of computers, be in Windows, Mac or Linux based etc, and mobile devices.

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