Jan BDCC Bulletin

Jan BDCC Bulletin

Jan BDCC Bulletin 789 581 Woolbridge Motor Club

Happy New Year and away we go again for another year of motorsport fun.

Hopefully these Bulletins are usually positive and up beat and starting off 2022 with a negative goes completely against the grain. The current situation has meant that the Club Championship Awards Evening to be held at the Cobham Sports & Social Club on Saturday 15th January has to be postponed. For now it’s too early to say when the Awards Evening will take place. Better days are ahead.

This means that we start with the Valentine Slalom on 6th February and the long awaited return to road based events with Barney’s Treasure Hunt on 20th February. The only way to gauge if there is an appetite for road events to begin again in our area is to give it one a try and see what happens. It has been written many times that people vote with their entries.
A fast fading memory recalls that Mike Martin?? ran a couple of navigational events on Club nights many years ago. Remembering that we entered in the family Ford Mondeo, this must mean that this was before the year 2003, as that was when we swapped to our first people carrier. At that time the Mondeo also did some CSMA events in the Salisbury area. If you’ve not tried a road event before come and have a go. This isn’t the irresponsible road racing of the past but a fun driving event where points on your licence are most definitely NOT on the menu.

Another item to note is that the venue for the Monday Club night meetings has changed to the Pure Drop pub in Ferndown.

As ever keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page for all the latest BDCC news and updates.


Thanks to the organisational skills of Clive Evans a select bunch enjoyed the Christmas Cracker Slalom at Blandford. Congratulations go to Chris Mathers for taking his first FTD in the MX5. The Mathers family managed the dubious honour of book ending the results as father Kev Mathers was dead last IN THE VERY SAME CAR. With nearly three minutes of time difference between them the book of driving excuses was being well used. However no time was lost pointing our that it wasn’t the car that was slow.

With a total driving distance for the tests of approximately 5.6 miles, a FTD of 793 seconds that included eighteen standing starts and eighteen standing finishes, the average speed overall was an impressive 25mph. The CSMA road rallies of the past were set at a lower average speed than this!

The 2022 calendar is looking like this.

15th January.  Annual Awards Evening at Cobham. POSPONED/RESCHEDULED/but not cancelled.
6th February.  Valentine Slalom at Blandford.
20th February.  Yet to be properly named Barney’s Treasure Hunt.
5/6th March.  Bovington Stage Rally.
20th March.  Clay Pigeon Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
17th April.  Slalom at Blandford.
15th May.  Maybug Slalom at Bovington.
12th June.  Summer Sizzler grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
10th July.  Summer Breeze grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
7th August.  Slippery When Wet grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
18th September.  Harvest Slalom at Bovington.
16th October.  Mutley Meyham Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
6th November.  Opener Slalom at Blandford.
13th November.  Challenger Stages at Bovington.
4th December.  Christmas Cracker at Blandford.


The intention was to discuss Sustainability here, but proof reading the piece set new levels of drab dullness, so it was scrapped. Maybe next time …… if enough energy can be summoned.
Sustainability is very much in the public eye, it’s a serious subject and the Club already has an active policy.

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