JUNE 2021 BDCC Bulletin

JUNE 2021 BDCC Bulletin

JUNE 2021 BDCC Bulletin 866 668 Woolbridge Motor Club

Courtesy of Richard Bailey



Thirty one competitors took to the Blandford tarmac on 16th May. Despite the warm Spring sunshine of April being replaced by heavy rain showers, the close competition over the eighteen tests once again provided another action packed day. Congratulations to Sylvia and Steve Candy for organising the event. The live timing and entry App was a great success and we have been shown the way forward.

FTD was taken by Graham Hoare who has written in asking if his thanks could be passed onto the Marshals and the event team. Class A was won by Mitch Stanfield, Class B – Chris Mathers, Class C – Olly Hoare, Under 25 – Imogen Hoare, 1st Lady – Lucy  Cassidy and the Novice Award went to Richard Locke. Full results are on the website.

This might be the time to mention that to qualify for an award in the BDCC Championship you must marshal on at least one of the Clubs events during the year (the year runs from 1st November to 31st October).


Regs are already out for the  first of the three Summer Grass Slaloms, all to be held at Shillingstone. Entries for the first event close on Wednesday 9th June.

For those who have not had the privilege to drive competitively on grass, the challenge can be totally different to tarmac.The inevitable early morning dew makes traction an issue and just getting  off the start line can  prove frustrating. Lost of revs and dropping the clutch will cost acres of time and a subtle approach is the way forward.

As the day hopefully dries out, traction improves and times tumble – unless there’s a rain shower and it’s back to square one with the traction and the frustration. A really wet day is great fun and being gentle with the pedals is vital. You could probably walk or possibly crawl round the course quicker  but tiptoeing round is a real driving challenge and its the same for everyone. In the spirit of competition, some take the times very seriously whereas others concentrate on doing their best and just having fun.

If you have never tried to drive quickly on wet grass before come and give it a go. You will do far better and learn more new skills at Shillingstone rather than spending your hard earned cash at a skid pan.  Bring your completely standard road car as you should do no damage whatsoever to your family transport, however it might get dusty or muddy depending on the weather Gods.

 The 2021 Provisional Calendar .

13th June.  Summer Sizzler Slalom on the  Shillingstone grass.
11th July.  Nameless grass Slalom at Shillingstone.
8th August.  Slippery when Wet Slalom at Shillingstone.
19th September.  Harvest Slalom at Bovington.
3rd October.   Mutley Mayhem Sprint at Clay Pigeon.
7th November.  Opener Slalom at Blandford.
14th November.  Challenger Stages at Bovington.
5th December.  Christmas Cracker Slalom at Blandford.

Further Ramblings.

The Club equipment stored at Bovington needs to be moved within the compound and tidied up. Rob Dance is looking for a working party of volunteers for Sunday 20th June.  It should only take a couple of hours, so home in time for Fathers Day lunch !

Please contact Rob on robertgdance@hotmail.com if you can help.

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