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The key role at any motor sport event is the marshal, as without their skills and coordination no motor sport event could run. In addition, it is an ideal way of learning about motor sport and how it safely operates whilst getting close to the action.

List below is a Novice Guide to Marshalling at Speed Hill Climbs and the clubs contact points for marshals. If you need anything or have any questions please ask.

Novices Guide to Speed Hill Climb Marshalling

What is a speed hillclimb?

A speed hill climb involves a variety of cars (and sometimes bikes) from road going saloons to specialised single seater racing cars using ex Formula 1 engines racing against the clock uphill on a narrow tarmac track.  Timing is to a hundredth of a second and only the drivers fastest run counts. Drivers usually get 2 practice runs which whilst timed do not count towards the final results and two timed competitive runs.


How do I start marshalling?

Contact either (Worth Birkhill Woolbridge Marshal’s Coordinator and Speed Event Chief Marshal) Tel - 07823 554246

 email  marshals-co-ord@woolbridge.co.uk or the chief marshal for the event if you know who that is.

Do I need training?

Whilst training is available at special training days, and is to be recommended, no formal training is necessary to start marshalling as you will be placed with experienced marshals who will "teach you the ropes" and let you gain experience throughout the event.  Marshals are a friendly band of people who are only to willing to pass on their knowledge and also recount their experiences.

Do I need special clothing?

Whilst many marshals have their own orange fireproof overalls and sometimes other equipment there is no requirement for this and normal clothing is perfectly adequate.  For your own protection it is preferable that shorts and short sleeved T shirts are not worn on marshals posts and avoid red clothing as this can be mistaken for a red flag.  Stout shoes or boots are also preferred.  Some form of waterproof clothing is also recomended as the British weather is nothing if not unpredictable!


What do I have to do when marshalling?

On arriving at the venue you must sign on with the Chief Marshal at the time stated on the instructions you receive before the event. The Chief Marshal will allocate you a role or post.  For most speed events marshals signing on is between 0730 and 0800, so you can be in position in plenty of time for the event to run to schedule.

There are many varied roles for marshals including getting cars to the start line from the main paddock area, working on the start line positioning the cars at the timing beam which starts the clock, supervising their arrival at the end of their runs in the top collecting paddock prior to their return in a batch back down the course, and of course manning the marshals posts up the hill.  These marshals posts are positioned up the entire course within sight of each other and manned by any number from 2 - 6 or more marshals.  Each post will be equiped with a fire extinguisher, brooms and shovel, a radio, gloves, a tub of cement (for dressing oil spillages), a red flag and a whistle. The post will be responsible for the section of track from its position (safely behind a protective barrier) up the hill to the next post.  If a car stops or has an incident in "your" section a marshal blows the whistle to alert the next post down the hill and a marshal waves the red flag to stop following competing cars from proceeding.  The marshal in charge of the radio will report the nature of the incident to "Course Control" and request any other assistance required such as a breakdown vehicle.  Other marshals will attend the incident with the fire extinguishers (as a precaution though rarely needed!) and possibly a broom and shovel as your section of track has to be kept clear of debris.  If the marshals post above you on the hill blow their whistle and deploy their flag you should do likewise as will posts below you.  This will cascade down the hill stopping further progress of other cars up the hill until the incident has been dealt with.

This might sound a little complicated but you'll soon get the hang of it and marshals frequently rotate between roles on the post during the course of the day.

Marshals are expected to remain standing whilst cars are competing (it takes time to get up to run to or from an incident!) and are not permitted to take photographs or videos whilst on a marshals post.  Some marshals do however frequently have lightweight folding chairs on post with them to use in between competitive runs or whilst waiting for the event to commence.


Will I be paid?

Marshals are all volunteers and so do not get paid.  They do however usually receive some form of recognition for their assistance.  On Woolbridge Motor Club hill climbs this consists of a free voucher for the catering facilities at lunchtime, a free daily marshals draw, free entry in the Woolbridge Motor Club Limited Annual Marshals Draw with a first prize of £100, free camping facilities for the weekend and sometimes other little "thank you's".

 Other bits and tips

Things do not always run smoothly at events due to many thing including the unpredictability of combining car and driver with speed!  You can therefore be on duty for quite a long time possibly with only a short lunch break.  It is therefore wise to consider having some drink or food with you on post.  I should point out that competitors and officials are not allowed to consume alcohol during the course of the event but after the meeting is however another matter when bar facilities are sometimes available.

Most importantly a sense of humour helps us all get through the day!  Welcome to Speed Hillclimb marshalling!

Worth Birkill

Woolbridge Marshal’s Coordinator Speed Tel - 07823 554246 email speed-marshals@woolbridge.co.uk

Woolbridge Marshals Contact Points

Contact details for the clubs Marshals co-ordinators for events are listed below.

Please, no phone calls  to club officials after 9.00 PM

Classic Trials Marshals Contact

Speed Events Marshals Contact

Car Trials Marshals Contact

Bob Blackstock

Tel 01308 427021

email social@woolbridge.co.uk

Worth Birkill

Tel 07823 554246

email  speed-marshals@woolbridge.co.uk

Mark Hoppe

Tel mobile 07967 646086  

email trials@woolbridge.co.uk

Autotest / Autosolo Marshals Contact

12 Car Navigational Marshals Contact

4x4 Trials Marshals Contact

Mark Hoppe

Tel mobile 07967 646086  

email autotests@woolbridge.co.uk

Cliff England

Tel home 01460-68645

email rallies@woolbridge.co.uk

John Kirby

Tel home 01300-320784

email 4x4@woolbridge.co.uk

Rallies Marshals Contact

Vic Fancy

Tel home 01305 813546 work 01305 813563

e-mail rally-marshals@woolbridge.co.uk