Oct BDCC Bulletin

Oct BDCC Bulletin

Oct BDCC Bulletin 789 581 Woolbridge Motor Club



With no great surprise the Harvest Slalom couldn’t run due to the lack of landowner permission. The exact reason for this remains unknown but hopefully it was Covid related and with the situation becoming more acceptable the venue will open up to motorsport again.

At this exact time of this being written the Mutley Sprint is in full flow with its full entry. Having spent far too much time karting on the windswept top of Wardon Hill we can say that if there’s rain in the area it will be up there. We should have a report on the day in the fullness of time.

The next event will be the Opener Slalom at Blandford on 7th November. This will be run by yours truly and we’ll try to offer up something different with the layout………or maybe not………who knows yet!

The monthly Committee meetings have now resumed and in his absence Clive Evans was volunteered to be in charge of the Christmas Cracker Slalom in December. Well done Clive.

Getting the Monday night meets up and running and the Awards evening have been discussed and news of these will follow.

Wearing his Membership Secretary’s hat, Mike reports that the total number of Members for 2021 has hit the 180 mark. This is the highest total in recent years and should be taken as a vote of confidence in what the Club offers. It’s been said many times that people vote with their entries.
However we mustn’t rest on our laurels and the Club continues to strive for new venues and events.
Currently a new to motorsport venue in the New Forest National Park is being investigated. Dealing with the Park Authorities is not for the faint hearted, its tricky, but we must keep moving forward. No effort means no reward.

Internet traffic also remains high with the website having over 17,000 visitors since the end of June.


To complete 2021 there are three events in the diary :-
7th November.  Opener Slalom at Blandford.
14th November.  Challenger Stages at Bovington.
5th December.  Christmas Cracker Slalom at Blandford.

That’s it for now.


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