PDF Files for Entry Forms – Can you help?

PDF Files for Entry Forms – Can you help?

PDF Files for Entry Forms – Can you help? 150 150 Woolbridge Motor Club

Under the new Motorpsort UK rules, all entries for events have to be made via online entries. Paper copies are not allowed. It is suggested that you make PDF electronic copies of what is required before using the online entry forms.

Therfore all entries for Woolbridge Events with no exception, will need:

– Club membership card, ​and as applicable for the event any championship card(s) ​as a single file.

Additionally for Speed events: all vehicles entered in non road-going classes will need to attached a ​copy of all pages of the Vehicle Passport  or  Logbook as a single PDF file. 

How to create a PDF file?

Most home scanners or printer scanners will scan directly to PDF.

Android mobile phones
Here’s how to save as PDF on Android:

  1. Open the file or Web page you need to print to PDF.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots icon on the top-right.
  3. Tap Print.
  4. Tap Select printer.
  5. Tap Save as PDF.
  6. Tap the Save icon.
  7. Now you can select the place where you want to save the file and tap Save.

    The file(s) can then be added to you entry form.

Thank you for you help in this, and if anyone has the details of the iPhone saving to PDF, can you please forward to the Internet Officer for adding to the above.

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