Speed Hillclimbs

Speed hillclimbs are run on tarmac surfaces against the clock. Drivers typically get two, sometimes three, timed runs after a practice session. There are classes for road-going cars, modified cars, specialist cars such as Caterhams and Westfields, and pure single-seater racing cars. We run events at Wiscombe Park in East Devon and Manor Farm, Charmouth in West Dorset.

The safety requirements vary depending on the class entered. A crash helmet, fireproof (nomex) gloves and overalls are required, and road going specialist, modified and racing cars require use of a Head And Neck Support (HANS) device.

This type of event is more specialist than the other events we run, so it is suggested you attend events and talk to competitors and officials before entering any events. You can then see what types of car are popular and find out what needs to be done to the car.

Technical support is available, if you have any questions or queries; please email scrutineer@woolbridge.co.uk   
Please include the car make, model, year, and engine capacity in you email along with any other details.

Sports Car on a Speed Hillclimb

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